hemVR: Turn boring indoor cycling into a VR ride

Turn any indoor biking into a VR adventure. Get on an interactive getaway without leaving home.

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  • hemVR Headset
  • hemVR Sensor
  • QR to manual PDF & Video
  • Free access to hemVR apps

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hemVR extra sponge set

hemVR Headset Sweat-proof Cushion

Do you sweat a lot? Or Want to share hemVR with someone else? Get an additional sweat-proof cushion cover that soaks up sweat and cushion the face, for you or whoever shares the headset with you.

$28.00 (shipping)
Total: $38.00

hemVR is a fitness VR solution that will bring engagement, connectivity, and effectiveness to all levels of bikers & all types of indoor bikes.

hemVR is a novel way to enjoy exercising in a new perspective and allows exercisers to connect with others during their virtual journey.

hemVR will allow your senior family members to mentally explore a different realm while performing light exercises in a physically safe environment.

hemVR allows friends and family to overcome distance and spend some quality time together through a group workout session!

Patented in the U.S. & Japan, hemVR is currently the only cycling-oriented VR headset in the market with an easy-to-use VR system. With the fitness-friendly & contactless design, hemVR ensures airflow and comfort during your workout.

Progress tracking is a breeze

The hemVR set comes with a special sensor that tracks your personal fitness activities. Simply attach the sensor to the crank arm or your feet, and your activity data is on its way to your smartphone. Gain meaningful insights into your health condition and monitor your progress over time within our visual dashboard.

Indoor biking gets boring when you look at the same scenery in the room over and over again – even with the TV on. hemVR is designed for doing bike training within VR games to keep you engaged and entertained throughout the whole cycling process.

Float like an astronaut and explore the galaxy from various perspectives.

Transform into a bird and flap your wings in the sky as you advance. Balloons, airplanes, and missiles ambush you along the way — dodge them to stay alive and aim for a high score!

Take an unknown journey as you pedal. Ride into foreign streets and meet people from other parts of the world.

Enjoy cycling along with friends in the VR world and chat with each other virtually. Pick your avatar and have simulated real-life competition and gaming experience while cycling together as a group!

With just five simple steps that are so easy to follow, you will be ready to start pedaling!