Before Purchase

Does my phone work? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
Size: Width of a phone must not exceed 3 inch, 77mm. (e.g. width of iPhone 13 is 2.8 in, 71.5mm, so it works fine)
Spec: It must be iPhone 7 or above. For Android, please download any of hemVR apps from Google Play then the app shows whether compatible or not. [/su_spoiler]
What is required to use hemVR for my cycling workout? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
To use hemVR, all you need are a compatible smartphone and an indoor fitness bike. [/su_spoiler]
Will I be charged a monthly or yearly fee to access the game apps? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
No, everything is included with the hemVR. [/su_spoiler]
What are included in hemVR ? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
The hemVR headset, hemVR sensor, and free access to the hemVR Apps. [/su_spoiler]
Can I use any type of fitness bike for hemVR? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
That’s correct. You can use an upright bike, recumbent, folding, spinning, or even a pedal exerciser. [/su_spoiler]
Is battery included? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
No it does’t. You need to buy a battery (CR2477) separately. [/su_spoiler]
Can I use an Oculus & HTC Headset for hemVR’s apps? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
Unfortunately, no. You would need a hemVR sensor in order to enable the movement & tracking in the hemVR apps. [/su_spoiler]

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After purchasing

User Manual PDF is here
User Manual Video is here

Sensor can’t be found. What should I do? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
Please try below;
-Close hemVR app completely. Please mind that the app might be running on back ground if you only press a home button. You need to close the app completely. And then restart the app. Most of problems will be solved by doing so. If not, please try below.
-Update your OS and/or softwere.
-Restart your phone.
-Make sure that you have allowed “Your Location” and “Take photo and video” for hemVR app (Android)
-Make sure that you have allowed “Bluetooth” for hemVR app (iPhone)
-Turn on Location and Bluetooth on your phone.
-Check battery in the hemVR sensor
-If all above do not work, then please contact us here.

Game is not working properly. What should I do? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]

Please try above “Sensor can’t be found”. [/su_spoiler]

Can I wash the hemVR headset if I sweat? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]

If you sweat, you can remove and wash the cushion that is provided within the headset belt. [/su_spoiler]

How do I get started with hemVR? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]

Download & install the game apps from either Google Play or the App Store. After doing this, place the sensor on your legs. As soon as you open the apps, the sensor will detect the app and start sending your movements data to the app. Now, place the smartphone in the hemVR headset and you can begin your VR ride! [/su_spoiler]

Can the sensor be attached to the fitness bike rather than to my legs? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]

Yes, you can choose to do so. The sensor does not have a switch so you can affix it to the crank arm (not the pedal) and reinforce it with tapes to keep the sensor stable throughout the VR cycling process. [/su_spoiler]


Other questions

About hemVR sensor

Can I use any other sensor? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
Unfortunately, only the hemVR sensor (included) works with the hemVR apps. [/su_spoiler]
Can I just purchase the hemVR sensor? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
Unfortunately, we don’t offer the hemVR sensor standalone. [/su_spoiler]
What battery is used in the hemVR sensor? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
The battery that is compatible with the hemVR sensor is Panasonic CR2477 3v Litium Coin Cell Battery which can be easily found in retail and eCommerce. One full charge can last for over a year. If you don’t use it too frequently, it can last for many years. For this campaign, hemVR does not come with a battery for the sensor. [/su_spoiler]
Where can I track my movement data? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
You will be able to assess the time duration of your movements, amount of calories burned, and the current time within the hemVR apps. [/su_spoiler]


About hemVR apps

Am I able to use other VR apps with the headset? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
Yes, however, the hemVR sensor is not compatible with other apps. You will also not be able to record your movement data. [/su_spoiler]
What apps are currently available? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
hemVR Eagle, hemVR Cosmo, hemVR Video, hemVR Friends are currently available (2021 winter). Following the next release this and early next year, additional updates will be provided for all the apps. In addition, another new app is currently in the works. Our hemVR app development team is working hard to find improvements every day. [/su_spoiler]
What kind of app is hemVR Eagle? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
In hemVR Eagle, you will soar through the skies as an eagle and flap your wings up and down, and left and right. Collect points as you fight off enemies and stay alive to get to the next level. [/su_spoiler]
What kind of app is hemVR Cosmo? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
Start your adventure in space like an astronaut! Destroy planets and coins, and explore the galaxy from various perspectives. [/su_spoiler]
What kind of app is hemVR Video? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
Virtually explore different locations around the world through real-life videos as you pedal your fitness bike. [/su_spoiler]
What kind of app is hemVR Friends? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
Hangout with friends that are physically separated from you as you log into the hemVR Friends app and pedal on your fitness bikes at the same time. Virtual-competitions are available in the app for you to motivate each other. Upload your picture and your avatar is ready to go! Even if your friends are cycling far away, you will be taking the VR ride together side by side in hemVR Friends. [/su_spoiler]
Are the game apps free to access? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
Yes. You are able to download & use hemVR game apps without additional cost. [/su_spoiler]
How do I access the apps? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
You can download all the hemVR apps from the GooglePlay and App Store. [/su_spoiler]


About hemVR headset

What is the material of the hemVR headset? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
hemVR’s VR headset is made through ABS material. [/su_spoiler]
What is the structure of the hemVR headset like? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
You can tighten the headset around your head with the adjustable band. [/su_spoiler]
How do I set up my hemVR headset? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
You only have to insert your smartphone to get started. [/su_spoiler]



Do I need a computer to set up hemVR? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
No, you don’t. The hemVR headset can be used standalone. [/su_spoiler]
Does hemVR come with a remote control? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
No, it doesn’t. The VR experience will be interactive with your head and pedaling movements. [/su_spoiler]
Can I wear glasses with the hemVR headset? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
Yes, you absolutely can. [/su_spoiler]
Will hemVR cause VR sickness? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
We pay close attention to the effects of VR and have taken multiple measures to present VR motion sickness when creating hemVR games. In hemVR Eagle, you travel up and down, and left and right at a fixed speed without rapid movements and frequent direction changes. In hemVR Cosmo, the speed changes according to how quickly you pedal. In hemVR Video, the majority of the roads you travel on are relatively straight so you just need to sit up front and concentrate on looking out. [/su_spoiler]
Does the hemVR come with warranty? [su_spoiler title=”read” style=”fancy”]
Yes, warranty is provided within 1 year from the delivery date. [/su_spoiler]