Sensor problem

So your sensor is still can’t be found like below?


Then please make a video which shows that your sensor have a problem.

After reviewing your video, we will provide you further assistance or send a replacement.

But before making a video, please make sure that you have done all below;

-Close hemVR app completely. Please mind that the app might be running on back ground if you only press a home button. You need to close the app completely. And then restart the app. Most of problems will be solved by doing so. If not, please try below.
-Update your OS and/or software.
-Restart your phone.
-Make sure that you have allowed “Your Location” and “Take photo and video” for hemVR app (Android)
-Make sure that you have allowed “Bluetooth” for hemVR app (iPhone)
-Turn on Location and Bluetooth on your phone.
-Check battery in the hemVR sensor


If all above did not work, please shoot a video showing below;

-Place a new CR2477 battery into the hemVR sensor with CORRECT direction.

-Press the sensor whether a light blinks or not with the new battery.

If it blinks, please shoot below;

-For Android, go to Bluetooth setting on your phone setting to see whether your phone sees the hemVR sensor or not.

-Show us that Bluetooth is ON, and all necesarry permissions are ON on your phone.

-Start any of hemVR app and keep on showing a sensor selection screen for 2min.

Or if your sensor can be found without any problem, but it has some problem, please shoot a video with the problem.


After shooting a video, please send us a link (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) of the video, and your shipping address to sensor-problem at (replace at by @. This email is only for sensor problem). Thank you.